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modern manufacturing

Industry 5.0 - Today

We envision a future where factories produce communities along with products.


Benefit from our expertise in digital infrastructure development

No environment is too challenging for our product developers and engineers. Benefit from over 10+ years building and managing high-tech factories in some of the world's most challenging environments.


Our Focus Areas

Our work extends far beyond the boundaries of our modern manufacturing facilities, encompassing a wide range of critical issues such as product lifecycle management, sustainability, worker rights and more.

Waste Reduction

Our packaging is made onsite and sourced from local materials, dramatically reducing the need for imported packaging and reducing our customers' total carbon footprints.

Factory Safety

The safety of our employees and contractors is our number one priority. Accordingly, we publish our safety record for everyone to see in order to keep our teams and community openly engaged and involved.

Trade Imbalances

We know better than most how tariffs can have a stymieing effect on innovation and local production. Our processes seek to create value at the local level without artificial barriers to entry.


Sustainability is in our DNA and we are proud to be addressing some of the world's most pressing sustainability challenges. Our lifecycle management program and transparent bill of material iniatives help decommoditize the ingredients of our products.

Carbon Emissions Reduction

"Measure Everything" is our mantra and how we seek to address the ongoing climate crisis. By localizing our production, we can eliminate wasteful transportation and create greater value for the communities we serve.

Affordable Internet Connectivity

The digital divide can only be addressed through a whole-of-industry approach. Our rugged products ensure that those who can least afford a broken device stay connected no matter where they live on the planet.


Experience the I5 difference as a customer, employee and partner

Our unique manufacturing process emphasizes the tangible benefits of localization to stakeholders up and down the value chain


Contract Manufacturing Done Right

Our industry leading people management system provides instant remuneration for work done at our factories, promoting worker independence and well-being.

Work With Us

product management

Transparent Bills of Material

Want to know what is in your electronic products?Ā If SBOM's and HBOM's excited you, wait until you see the I5 Product Management Center.

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World-class companies trust us for their business

Our partner and customer network extends to every continent on the planet. Read our stories below and join the global family of companies working to slow climate change, reduce workplace inequities, and increase transparency throughout the electronics industry.

Why Design for Manufacturability?

Designing for manufacturability takes into account many of the often overlooked aspects of New Product Introductions. By making design and feature decisions in concert with the manufacturing plan, our clients can benefit from a new level of product sustainability and long-term profitability.

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Offices and facilities across the globe.