Bring the Power of Production Home

Our proven turn-key manufacturing offering provides industrializing nation's the opportunity to grow their local economy according to sustainable and forward-thinking principles.

We believe that our factories of the future will manufacture livelihoods as well as products. Our edge manufacturing network seeks to prioritize product delivery processes that place people and planet first, thereby stimulating local economies, spurring relevant innovation, skills development, and quality employment.

Collaborative robotics

Automation With A Purpose

The cobot revolution promises to amplify the abilities of future factory workers today and enable low-volume, high-mix production of critical technology products. At the core of our process stands the I5 Modular WorkStation that is designed to interact with its human operator in a natural way.

Benefit from our patent-pending suite of collaborative robotics technologies by getting in touch today.

shipped devices

Our work on collaborative robotics earned our leadership recognition by MIT's Social Inclusion Committee.

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Our elastic workforce management approach allows us to upskill the necessary labor while minimizing costly overhead.


Enterprise Management Done Right

Our approach to enterprise management is centered around the welfare of our workers. We rely on our proprietary ERP deployment to promote worker retention by providing instant remuneration for work performed, empowering each assembler to complete work-orders autonomously no matter what time of day.

Our system is designed to reduce worker attrition which leads to greater consistency across production batches and overall quality and accountability throughout the manufacturing process.

  • Worker Success Hub
  • Instant Mobile Pay for WC
  • Interactive Dashboard and Gamification (Certifications)


Comprensive Approach

Industry Five's product manufacturing services provide technology, engineering expertise, and a full turnkey solution throughout the product development process.

Our comprehensive solutions leverage our supplier network's range of products and services to speed up time to revenue and reduce your overall cost of ownership. We stay closely involved throughout the project lifecycle and have the ability to scale with your business.

By using Industry Five's full turnkey solution and product manufacturing support, you can free up working capital to invest elsewhere in your business.

Advanced Product Assembly

We rely on the human operator to manage highly advanced collaborative robotic systems for assembly. Never a secondary thought, our human operators are the heart and soul of our manufacturing processes.

Manufacturing Execution

Our MES is fully integrated into our wider enterprise resource management systems, allowing for high fidelity reporting and inventory control.

Supplier Management

By relying on a global network of suppliers and partners we are able to provide consistent delivery of both product and services on schedule. Our teams operate on a 'sun never sets' basis so there is always someone to assist no matter what time of day.

Pick and Place

Our specialized SMT line operation provides best in class quality and throughput while adhering to the industry's most rigorous environmental standards.

Quality Control

Benefit from our extreme dedication to quality control and kaizen principles that engage a quality mindset at all levels of our organization.

Reverse Logistics

We believe that the only way to effectively reduce waste is through world-class reverse logistics management. We shorten the distance travelled by situating our repair and recycling operations in the most efficient locations possible.

Offices and facilities across the globe.