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2020, January 20 | Industry Five

The Democratic Republic of Congo announces the public-private partnership and launch of the Industry Five factory systems in the DRC 

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2020, March 14 | Politico

Ministry of Industry: the FPI intends to support the construction of the factory for the manufacture of computers and school tablets in DRC

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2020, March 10 | Politico

EPST: Students in the process of acquiring computers and school tablets

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2020, January 23 | Tweets from @DeniseNyakeru, Her Excellency the First Lady of the Democratic Republic of Congo

@DeniseNyakeru Tweets her support for Industry Five's initiative to bring tech careers and highlight women’s rights in DRC 

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2020, January 23 | KivuPress

Industry Five signs an agreement for the production of electronics in the DRC

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2020, January 20 | Politico

At least 1 million 400 thousand smartphones and tablets will be produced in the DRC per year

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